The real estate industry always had a local influence, but with changing dynamics and favourable laws, things have changed. Taking advantage of the current slump in prices and other facts, Chinese investor Gordon Tang has managed to create a great business model. While he is the non-executive director of SingHaiyi Group, he does have a controlling interest of 62.2% through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. Mr. Tang’s work has been particularly notable in Singapore, where he had worked in his own capacity with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang to acquire condos and strata offices. With SingHaiyi Group, the idea is to go global.

Under his capable guidance, the company has managed to acquire many assets in the US and has interests and properties in China and Malaysia, as well. Mr. Tang believes that right networking, strategic decisions and strong partnerships can change the way people look at offshore developers. SingHaiyi Group has completed a major condo project in Singapore, and a similar one is being planned in, San Francisco Bay, California, where the group has a freehold site. Mr. Tang also looks forward to other markets, and if reports are to be believed, Australia and Europe are next on his list.