Overview Of Real Estate Business Tycoon Gordon Tang

Mr. Gordon Tang is the Non-Executive Director of Singapore-Listed SingHaiyi Group, which has been looking at real estate expansions in Asia and overseas. The company that’s fully aware of its perception of being a foreign-owned developer has been flourishing, thanks to Mr. Tang’s business acumen. By joining hands with Neil Bush, Gordon Tang has paved ways for investments in the US. In fact, Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), for which he serves as the chairman since 2003, owns and manages many hotels in the US.

Besides the US, Mr. Tang and his team are studying and looking forward to real estate acquisitions in Australian and European markets. The SingHaiyi Group already has acquired a 9% stake in Cromwell Property Group in Australia. Mrs. Celine Tang, who is the Managing Director for the group, has been a pillar of strength and support for her husband, and together, they have managed to focus on incredibly strong partnerships and collaborations. Mr. Tang also aims to focus further on distressed real estate asset and refurbishing those to generate profit and add value to the region and local industry. If you are keen on knowing more on Mr. Tang, please check the website of SingHaiyi Group.

Chinese Tycoon Gordon Tang Takes Over Real Estate!

Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang has been a prominent name in global real estate development. In 1995, he started with Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd, which focused on international trade and corporate investments, but soon after, he started to focus on real estate investments and asset management. With Neil Bush, brother of former US-President George Bush, and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, Gordon Tang also manages Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which owns and manages real estate properties and hotels. SingHaiyi Group, which focuses extensively on  real estate development and investment, has reached new heights under his guidance, and today, Mr. Tang and his team continue to acquire and invest in real estate assets in the US, which are later sold and refurbished for a profit. SingHaiyi has also worked on many projects, and one of its first big projects was The Vales in SengKang, which has over 500 condos.

Mr. Tang is also the President of Cambodia Sailing Federation and works with other organizations as an advisor. With strategies partnerships in Singapore, USA and Malaysia, Mr. Tang wants to push SingHaiyi towards more investments, better acquisitions and collaborative real estate investments, which will also help in pushing the currently-distressed industry.